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Carla Brown was born and raised in Ashland, a township in Pennsylvania (too small to be a real town). Ashland’s current population is less than 15,000 people; that’s smaller than the population of a typical community college! It seems that residents of this township grow old as the younger generations move away.

This township is so small, that Google hasn’t invested the resources into mapping out Carla’s childhood home. Retracing her footsteps down the main street of Ashland, you’ll see that signs of life have begun to disappear. The main street that once bustled with everyday traffic stands empty, and seems forgotten, like so many other small towns in America. The five and dime store that she once frequented with her grandfather to buy toys is now boarded up, although the fading signage can still be seen. Thanks to this small-township upbringing, Carla finds herself drawn to the rusticities of the world. She obsesses over all things “Americana,” or “Rusty Gold,” as they say on Travel Channel’s American Pickers.

It seemed as though the very second she graduated from high school, consumers started flocking to this brand new little thing called the “cyber net.” At that time, Adobe Flash was the preferred program for most websites, and sales reps (human pop-ups) would go door to door using paper and pen to advertise their site-building skill. They would literally sketch out a way for you to visualize their worth.

Now, web banners replace expensive billboard, and companies of any size can compete for advertisement space. Sales reps can be replaced by an exciting and efficient online strategic marketing platform that pinpoints your relevant audience; although businesses still need to pony up for a well thought out design and strongly written content to grab the attention of online users.

While the days of expendable cash accounts for “Ad Men” to wine and dine potential clients have passed, an advertisement account for your online presence is still essential. 

A profitable company needs a great writer, a strong market goal and an appealing brand to attract an audience from over three billion internet users around the world.

Carla draws her inspiration and aesthetic from the days of yesteryear, when time moved more slowly. The ads were well-made, to hold up to the passage of time, and branding materials were clean and concise. Advertisement designs of the classic 1950’s and the stunning color palates of the 1960’s keep her creative juices flowing, and her romance with her home township of Ashland, Pennsylvania, continue to inspire her with the remains of decades past still apparent in homes and town shops.

Ashland, her hometown, is her personal muse, and the merging of this beautiful aesthetic of yesterday with the power of tomorrow’s technology is her mission.

Carla Brown

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